Privacy Badger

Who's Watching You

Test your web browser for privacy leaks

WiFi Network Monitor

Browse online without leaving a Trace

Displays target URL in tooltip, when hovering over a link

Cookie AutoDelete

Collect extensive details about a domain

Block EVERY advert

Block 'You are using an add-blocker' notice


Advanced IP Scanner - Who is on your network?

Free fancy fonts

Domain name search

On-line safety. Browse anonymously.

VPN - Cyberghost

Stop tracking companies spying on you

Privacy Tool

Privacy Tool

On-line storage:-

Broadband Speed Tester

People connecting through sharing videos

Free Software Download Sites:-




On guard on line - Your safety net

Audit my PC

OPERA Memory Stick Web Browser

PDF to JPG on-line convertor


Dictate text to your browser

Video Downloader

Website Slideshow

Online home video security

Uncheck unrelated offers while installing software

Privacy Eraser - Clean your tracks & protect your privacy


Tor Browser


Tor Browser


Which countries can spy on you even if you use a VPN


Open Broadcaster Software  Build and protect your brand using powerful, recognizable short links.


Change your wi-fi name
(Once loaded, click on icon in system tray, hover mouse over network name, left click and hold for a few seconds, change name)


Blacklight - a real-time website privacy inspector

Cover Your Tracks - See how trackers view your browser


TOR Browser


OnionShare - securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat using the Tor network.


OnionShare’s documentation


Merge PDF files (on-line)




Send-anywhere file transfer software (very good)


MediaFire file storage


WeTransfer - File transfer


Profile Manager EXPLANATION - Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles (Saves deactivating all addons for certain sites)


Screamingfrog - monitor websites for changes


The Ultimate Disposable Email Provider List !!!

Unlimited private email aliases

Anonymous email forwarding

Disposable email addresses


Wormhole - file transfer


Cat bounce. Crazy website

Hustlin'. Crazy website

RGB. Crazy website


Camfrog. Video chat.

Use inconjunction with webcam (adds background videos and stuff)

Add your Camfrog online/offline status to your web page


Free IP Address Locator By TrustFm


Open-source tests of web browser privacy.

Simple and easy online PDF tools (Lots)

Zamzar online convertors.

Check a website is safe.

Who Called Me? Scam phone number checker.


Find your IP Address (and other stuff)


On-line case convertor (upper to lower and vice-versa) and lots of other stuff.


Free 3D virtual piano. Play piano, and record, online using your keyboard.


Microsoft account recovery

Test your browser to see how well you are protected from tracking and fingerprinting

Onion Fruit. 'Connect to Tor in seconds'


PDFYeah. 'All-in-One Online PDF Solution'


Fill and sign a PDF online


Create temporary email

10 Minute Mail. Temporary email address.

Free cloud storage.pccloud

Free cloud storage (Mega)

Idrive. Cloud Storage.

Internet Speed Test

GetLinkInfo. Get information about a link before visiting it.


Pcloud online storage.


Face Search Engine.Reverse Image Search