Privacy Badger

Easy video meetings with no sign ups or downloads

Who's Watching You

Test your web browser for privacy leaks

WiFi Network Monitor

Browse online without leaving a Trace

Displays target URL in tooltip, when hovering over a link

Cookie AutoDelete

Collect extensive details about a domain

Firefox send - file sharing

Block EVERY advert

Block 'You are using an add-blocker' notice


Advanced IP Scanner - Who is on your network?

Free fancy fonts


Domain name search

On-line safety. Browse anonymously.

VPN - Cyberghost

Stop tracking companies spying on you

Privacy Tool

Privacy Tool

On-line storage:-

Broadband Speed Tester

Internet Speed Guide

People connecting through sharing videos

Free Software Download Sites:-  (Linux)

On guard on line - Your safety net

Audit my PC

OPERA Memory Stick Web Browser

Find the real (long) URL

PDF to JPG on-line convertor

Live webcam site


Dictate text to your browser

FeyAccelerator: Accelerate peer-to-peer downloads

Video Downloader

Website Slideshow

Online home video security

Uncheck unrelated offers while installing software

Privacy Eraser - Clean your tracks & protect your privacy


Legal Torrents


Tor Browser


Tor Browser


Which countries can spy on you even if you use a VPN


Open Broadcaster Software  Build and protect your brand using powerful, recognizable short links.


Change your wi-fi name
(Once loaded, click on icon in system tray, hover mouse over network name, left click and hold for a few seconds, change name)


Blacklight - a real-time website privacy inspector

Cover Your Tracks - See how trackers view your browser


TOR Browser


OnionShare - securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat using the Tor network.


OnionShare’s documentation