YouTube Engineering


Restorations Skills.

Pin clutch. Animation.

Skills World. Various manufacturing stuff.

Blacksmithing - Intro to the '25 kg ABNO power hammer'. Old vintage.

Homemade Power hammer (Basic,very rough)

Power hammer, homemade. Rough.

Power Hammers, JR Industries,Kadaba.Karnataka

'Trail of power hammer with 20 kg hammer. Anvil not set'

Amazing Skill A&S

'Iron Flower Manufacturing Process'

Metal Flower Manufacturing (22 seconds)

Automatic Punching Machine Using Geneva Mechanism

'Nuevo mortajador en fresadora' La. (New mortiser on milling machine) (BRILLIANT)

'Prensa excentrica' Large press working

'Prensa excentrica 65 toneladas'. Large press.

Making a flypress weight/ball.

Blacksmith's treadle hammer. Vintage.

Flypress & some of it's uses

Maintaining your Flypress

A-Frame Fly Press Restoration

Norton 3db flypress restoration

Pillar drill press restoration

(Part 1) Chain Reverse for Bike or GoKart

(Part 2) Gokart Reverse Gear Box

Centrifugal clutch for go-cart

The Country Life: Wooden loom, powered.

'Centrifugal Clutch vs CVT Torque Converter' Explanation.

'Simple Take Up Mechanism for Weaving Loom'

Homemade Clutch. BRILLIANT.

Quick view of a Norton No.8 Fly Press crushing tin cans.

'Random Things' Engineering.

Restorations Tools.

Restoration MISAKA Jump Jack Compressor

U bolt making process. Basic.

'Discovering Skills'. Manufacturing processes.

'Power Press Clutch Maintenance'

'Mass Production Of LED Bulb holder'

'Factory Manufacturing of Powerful Sewing Machines'

'How High-Quality Exhaust Fans are Made'

'The Amazing Process of Making Quality Chef Milk Pans'

'Process of Manufacturing Carbon Steel Chaff Cutter Blades'

'How to Make Motorcycle Swingarms'

'U Bolt Manufacturing Factory with Long Iron Bars'

Surgical Pliers Manufacturing Factory Process

'How Motorcycle Front Shock Absorbers Are Made'

'Watch Silencer Muffler Made'

'The Complete Manufacturing Process of Motorcycle Wheel Hub Sprocket'

'How to make hexagon hole in a socket wrenches'

'The Craftsmanship Behind L Handle Socket Wrenches'

Wondering Skills. Manufacturing processes.

The Mechanic. Manufacturing processes.

'Amazing Things Official' Manufacturing processes.

'Under Review'. Manufacturing processes.

Evidz. Manufacturing processes.

How Motorcycle Sprockets Are Manufactured

'Talentist' Skills in manufacturing

Manufacturing of Motorcycle Front Sprocket

Homemade clutch (Rough)

Skills Unit. Manufacturing processes.

'This Channel is about the Talented Skilled Workers'

Restoration stuff

Wheelchair Restoration

Mass Production Process of Wheelchair in Factory

Make your work easier with DIY Hammer Machine

Pin clutch (Animation)

Rotary key clutch (Animation)

Various Types of Clutch Mechanisms (Animations)

Simple homemade clutch. Farmer does botch up on tractor.

Industrial Sewing Machine Clutch Motor


Replace valves on air compressor.

Kwando Technic. Homemade stuff.

My Tiny Workshop. Restoration stuff.

Mr Novruz. Homemade stuff.

Shamsher Singh. Manufacturing processes.

Wire Clip Making Machine.

Packing clip machine.

Automatic Packing Clip Making Machine.

Thunkworks Matt. Sculptures in metal.

Barbie The Welder.

Make Everything.

Aasim Fabrication. Making gates and stuff.

Restoration stuff.

Basic twists in steel by Blacksmith.

How to Make the Dragon Twist.

Mistry MakeTool. Homemade stuff.

How to make Plywood Mandala carving without CNC. Woodwork.

Hubless wheel - Billy Lane

Metal fabrications. Cold forging stuff.

Forging a trivet with a jig and some tools. Blacksmithing.

WeldingTroop. Welding project ideas.

'A Load Of Old Scrap' Making sculptures out of scrap.

Small Scale Industries. Manufacturing.

Discovering Skills. Manufacturing stuff.

How are shoes stitched together?  How The Leather Sole Stitcher (my machine) Works!


'When 30 Ton Vehicle Had an Accident on The Road, We repaired the truck......'

'PK Amazing Skills'. Manufacturing stuff.

Turning Gas Tank/Bottle into Small Cement Mixer.


Making tyres.

Steven Lawson. Includes Atlas Pillar Drill restoration.

The Process of Mass Producing Shovels. Old Factory Manufacturing

Asian Process. Various factory processes

Process of Manufacturing Stainless Steel Quality Restaurant Spoon