AI Stuff!

Create Talking AI Avatar for FREE - Step-by-step guide - from stills. Experimental.


"FutureTools Collects & Organizes All The Best AI Tools So YOU Too Can Become Superhuman!" REFERENCE ONLY

'Thin-plate-spline-motion-model' Git hub video MORPHIN. Brilliant. No audio. Experimental

TOME. 'Meet Tome, your AI storytelling partner' Create slideshows?

'Create videos with AI actors' Online. Brilliant. 14 day trial. $21.00 a month.

Runway.'Everything you need to make anything you want' Plenty of tools. Generate subtitles.Generate transcripts. Brilliant

Heygen.'Create engaging videos with AI'. 1 min free credit. Expensive. Online.

InstantArt. Use this to create your own image.

Leonardo AI.'Create stunning game assets with AI' For use with above. YouTube

Faceswap (No 2) As the name suggests.  How to use above. YouTube

CharacterAI. You type in questions and they (several to choose from) try to answer. For fun only.

Adam2Eve.Realistic Avatar Creator. Online.BRILLIANT.Free version, 5 vids per day

Synthesia.'Create a free AI video'. Expensive. Online. Free video covered with copyright logo

ElevanLabs.Text to speech only. Very realistic. Free. Sign up required. Online. Brilliant.

D-ID.'Digital People Text-to-Video' 14 day free trial. Starts at $5.99. Online. Brilliant.

BHuman. Create Avatar. Aimed at business only.

Swapface AI tool. Software to download (1.2G). Sign in required. BRILLIANT. Free.


Wonderdynamics. Swop video subject for another. Not cheap.