Extract sound from a video (online)

Boris Johnson UK Prime Minister Soundboard (online)

Celebrity FakeYou Text to Speech (online) BRILLIANT

Celebrity FakeYou Text to video (online) BRILLIANT

Voice Changer (online)

Boris Johnson Impressions - and others (online)

Text to speech - lots of voices to choose (online)

Voice recorder (online)


Clownfish voice changer


Audio Editor

Audio Editor

MP4 to MP3 Converter (online)

Karaoke Anything!

Karafun - Karaoke player (online for songs)

"Separate vocals and music from any song, in seconds!"

Vocal Remover and Isolation - Separate voice from music out of a song (online)

Extract voice and instruments from music (BRILLIANT)

"All-in-one audio & video editing, as easy as a doc" (online)


Add visuals to your audio (online)

HAL 9000 Soundboard


Lacey. Music downloader


BBC Sound Effects


Dreamtonics. 'Synthesiser v Studio' Music production software.

Masterpiece Generator. Song lyrics generation and other stuff. For fun only.

AIVA. Music creation. Youtube for above.

Free transcription of video. Brilliant Voice creation. Brilliant.

123 Apps Audio Extractor. Seperate audio from video. Online. Brilliant.

MyVocal. Clone your voice?


Zamzar. MKV TO MP4 online conversion