Extract sound from a video (online)

Boris Johnson UK Prime Minister Soundboard (online)

Celebrity FakeYou Text to Speech (online) BRILLIANT

Celebrity FakeYou Text to video (online) BRILLIANT

Voice Changer (online)

Boris Johnson Impressions - and others (online)

(1) Text to speech - lots of voices to choose (online)

(2) Text to speech - lots of voices to choose (online)

Voice recorder (online)


Clownfish voice changer


Audio Editor

Audio Editor

MP4 to MP3 Converter (online)

Karaoke Anything!

Karafun - Karaoke player (online for songs)

Seperate Vocals from instruments (online)

"Separate vocals and music from any song, in seconds!"

Vocal Remover and Isolation - Separate voice from music out of a song (online)

Extract voice and instruments from music (BRILLIANT)

"All-in-one audio & video editing, as easy as a doc" (online)


Add visuals to your audio (online)


Voice Changer (online)

HAL 9000 Soundboard


Lacey. Music downloader


BBC Sound Effects