How to ....

... turn off all Firefox addons in one go (This is one way to do it)

Create a second or third or fourth etc new profile

This is how. Place this in the search engine:-


This comes up:-
"This page helps you to manage your profiles. Each profile is a separate world which contains separate history, bookmarks, settings and add-ons"

Click: Create a New Profile

Once new profile has been created then set as default.

Launch profile

Now a complete unclutterd Firefox starts afresh. Set up as you require.

To get back to your original Firefox set-up, enter about:profiles again and change the default


.... edit your windows 10 host file.

Press the Windows key, type notepad in search.

Right-click notepad and choose run as administrator.

In notepad, click file then Open.

In the file name paste in the following path (Encoding: change to ANSI)


Change as required then save.


... recover from the Black Screen of Death!!

After updates, your screen goes blank, usually black.

One solution to fix the problem:-

Control / alt / delete (press in that order and keep pressed)

When a screen comes up, let go of the buttons and click on the power icon at the bottom right hand side of screen.

HOLD the shift button down (BEFORE you click on restart)

Click on restart then wait. (then let go of the shift button)

Click on troubleshoot

Click on advanced options

Click on start up repair

( "please wait" )

"Shoose an account to continue"

Enter password (if requested)

Click continue

Long wait

If above does not work then repeat and choose undo updates....



... replace/remove background from a video using OBS (

with addons:- (found at the bottom of page)


1) Under 'sources' click '+'

2) Select option

3) Media source

4) Create new - OK

5) Browse - Find - Open

6) OK (Video should start playing)

7) Under 'Sources' click on media we are using

8) Click on 'Filters' (just above sources)

9) Use top box (audio/video filters) Click on '+'

10) Click on 'Background Removal' - OK

11) Make adjustments if necessary. Change background colour to green - OK - Close

14) Click on (under sources) media you are using.

15) Click on 'Filters' - bottom box - '+'

16) Select 'Chroma' key - OK - make adjustments if necessary - close

17) Under 'Sources' click '+'

18) Select item you require

19) example: 'Media Source' - Create new - ok - Browse - etc. etc. - open - tick 'Loop' - OK

20) The second media should now emerge on screen. Stretch to fill.

21) Under 'Sources' drag 'Media Source 2' to below original media source

22) On the right hand side of 'Filters' two icons:- a small solid box (stop), a semicircular arrow (restart).

23) Under 'Audio Mixer' set volumes, or more important - turn off all audio sources you are not using.

24) To save - press 'Start Recording' on right hand side. Watch timer just above and stop recording when necessary.