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Look at your activity saved by google

Parcel collection/delivery


How to switch mobile from your current provider (BT given as example)

Skinflint Price Comparison Site


Keepa - Detailed Price History charts for over 1000 million Amazon products!

camelcamelcamel - a free Amazon price tracker!


Free Desktop Alarm Clock


Currency Conversion

Find a Postcode /postcode-finder?gear=postcode

Search the Electoral Roll
Where is my nearest post box?

Local Information for Malton (Gazette & Herald)

Road Traffic Reports (Local/National)

Learners, new drivers and riders

Custom T-Shirts printed

Swap your home

Helps you to find that stolen camera!

Remove your account or public profile on most popular websites

Identify the phone pest!

Book a taxi online

House prices sold in your street (1)

House prices sold in your Street (2)

Street Map

Indian Cooking (York Based Teacher)

Yorkshire Housing

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Quote and book your parcel delivery service


Kiwix offline reader


This site helps you delete your online accounts


ID Photo Studio


Vampix. A tool designed to add fun color / black & white effects digital pictures.


Create your own passport size photo online for free!


Free Random Name Generator


Random number generator

Randomly Generated Identity

Convert to pdf (online)

Free TTS: Text to Mp3 with Natural Voices

Donkey Stained Glass Window

Speech to Text (on-line)


Disposable temporary email addresses

Create Your Own Fake UK Telephone Numbers


Use side-by-side PDF & Word document comparison to highlight changes (online)


Shop at and they donate to your favourite charity


Your Randomly Generated Identity

Guerrilla Mail - Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address (BRILLIANT)

UK phone number generator

Temporary phone numbers. Receive SMS free UK

Temporary. Receive SMS Online United Kingdom

Security for online payments account. Phone app.


Personalised number plates frow DVLA


Block Poster Maker: Print an Image on Multiple Pages. Online. BRILLIANT

Measurements for International Paper Sizes & Envelope Dimensions


Older Person's Bus Pass application from North Yorkshire County Council.


Freesat TV guide


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