Coding 2


Transparent PNG Art at Your Fingertips

HTML Basix - code generators and beginners tutorials (Very good)

Javascript popup window code generator

JavaScript Editor

Speaking Characters

iFrame Generator - Change link to embed code (on-line)


Simple HTML iFrame creator

Dynamic Drive CSS Library

Java Scripts

CSS animations on demand

CSS font generator

CSS button generator

HTML symbols code references

Unicode Character Table

Character entity reference chart

HTML and CSS Table Border Style Wizard

jQuery Booklet

CSS 3.0 Maker

Webmaster tools


Free PopUp Window Creator

Free Webmaster Tools

Make a Popup Window

HTML Table Generator

HTML Text Generator

Free Online Tools for Generating stuff

Popup Window HTML Code Generator

Javascript Pop-up Window Maker

HTML Browser Popup Window Generator (My favourite)


Remove Image Background

CSS Button Generator

Zen BG wallpaper generator

Weird wallpaper generator

Matrix image generator

Button Generator

CSS Pattern Generator

Background generator

Image Code Generator

Background Image css generator

CSS Background Image Generator and other stuff


Various codes (New)


RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects

1) Autumn leaves effect


2) Airborne text effect


3) Virus Attack Simulation

4) 'Pretty snowflakes (with plough)'


HTML 'cheatsheet'

HTML CheatSheet (loads of stuff)

HTML Codes

HTML Codes


Favicon Generator (online)

Background tartan maker (online)

Website builder coding

Background stripe generator (online)

'The ultimate tools for web development'

Free svg background generator


Icon finder. 'Search through 5,908,140 icons and illustrations'


Search engine to embed, and for, your own website. BRILLIANT

'Programmable search engine' - Search engine that you can use on your own website. Limitations.


Button Generator (CSS and PNG)

Button Generator

Dropdown menu code generator

Snowy images code generator


HTML Color Codes


API Key Generator (Code)


'Big List of Free and Open Public APIs (No Auth Needed)'


Coding stuff


Fullscreen Video Background. Code.

Placing an image to the top right corner - CSS. Code.

Magic square generator (and other stuff)

CSS Generators. Coding.(Lots of stuff)

3D cube. Code.

Freebies found here. (Including leave page and pop-up appears, page 5)


HTML Code generator. Convert your normal page to code


StackOverflow. Answers your codeing questions forum.


Gifs for website

Sun Catcher Studio. Online. Graphic designs generators. BRILLIANT

Create metallic text glow. Online

Butterfly text with reflection effect. Online

Animated text generator. Online

Logo generator. Online