Coding 1

Free Web Tools

HTML Best Codes

Set Video as Background - Website to create code

Embed Video Code Generator

Generators for all sorts of things!

Generate script to embed music

Inspirational Website Ideas

Music for Websites

QR Code Generator

Barcode Generator

Content Ideas and Development

Website for background videos

GAF 210 Website Codes

Images Slideshow

Clock for Website

Script and Code Generators

Embed Video Generator

Page Redirection

Free Computer Help

Free DHTML & Javascripts to enhance your web site!

Picture/Video Slider

Parallax Website Ideas

Button and Menu maker

Website Embed Games

Website Embed Games

Coding help Website

How to change the background color of a web page dynamically.

F.A.Q. Coding

Enlarge Photo on Mouseover

Photo Changes on Mouseover to another Photo

Inspirational Website (Slow build up) Parallax?

Sphere in water (inspiration idea)

Dynamic Interaction (Several ideas)

'20 Cool Interactive WebGL Examples'

Rubik's Cube

Make video wall / add videos to your website - program

Make any web page zoom

Two interactive examples:-

HTML Codes, Editors and Generators

Web Developer Site

Ambient sounds

Internet Radio Station

Blender 3D Creation Software

DAZ Studio (Bringing 3D Art & Animation to Life)

Embed Youtube Video

Play a video file

Change background colour

Save image as background

Round the images

Centre the images


RSS Widget for website

OpenShot Video Editor

BlueGriffin - HTML Editor

Visitor can change background image

HTML For Beginners

HTML and CSS Tutorials (and stuff)

Stream live video on Youtube software (OBS Studio)

Slide Show Software

Create '' links

Smithsonian Open Access to thousands of photos

Free Stock Video Footage:-

Free 'INTRO' music for Podcasts, Slide Shows and Videos

Grid Garden, where you write CSS code to grow your carrot garden!

CSS Grid Generator

How to extract sound from video?

MetaFox is a free, drag-and-drop application to convert your videos to the MKV format.

Remove Video Background

Code Editing Using Visual Studio

How to remove a background from a video using VSDC

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

Download Windows 10 Update Assistant or Media Creation Tool

Free Version of Music Mixer

Full Emoji List

On-line Text Graphics Generator

Balabolka is a Text-To-Speech program

Free SAPI4 Voices (Do not use SAP15) for above two programs

Daniel Voice



Light effects

Water Simulation

Inspirational Videos

Inspirational Stuff (1)

Inspirational Stuff (2)

Demo Repository

Internet Radio Stations


Background generator - plus others (Best site I have ever found so far!)

Web Album Generator Download


Pattern CSS


Add subtitles to videos


Subtitle Editor (Another version)


Webdesign Assistant - Links to generators / Scroll down for external links


Animista - CSS Animations on demand

Alchemize - format or minify your code snippets, debug broken code

500th Video Converter

Inkscape - Similar to 'Paint'

PicPick - Basic graphics program

Imgares - Photo Album Creator

Audio Convertor

DP Animation Maker

Audio Mixer


QGifer is a tool for extracting part of a video to an animated GIF file


Characters to copy

Video Convertor

Ambient Sounds


Create background screen shot for your website (on-line)


Convert Webpages to PDF's


Convert website pages to PDF on-line:-


Free or cheap giveaways:-

Software reviews and links