Mini ITX

Free Video Convertor

Crucial for memory upgrades

Belarc adviser - builds a detailed profile of your system

Find drivers:-

Motherboard Search:-

Partition Tools:-



Set up external monitor only:-
Multiple Display
Show only on '2'

To rotate screen display to portrait
Stay on same page, scroll up to large '1 & 2'
Click on display '2'
Scroll down to 'Display orientation'
Change to portrait



If your computer (XP) is running slow, then here are just a few tips to help:-

Check Disk.  My Computer - highlight 'C' drive - right click - properties - tools - error checking - check now – tick:- 'Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors'- start (runs through four phases) When finished tick 'Automatically fix file system errors' - start - says you cannot run this - system needs to restart.

Add/Remove. Start - control panel - add/remove

Disc cleanup. Start - all programs - accessories - system tools - disk cleanup - tick various boxes - ok - yes

Remove restore points. Start - all programs - accessories - system tools - disk cleanup (runs straight away, wait until finished) - more options - system restore - clean up

Back up (or delete) files to external hard drive etc

Update everything (if not already set to automatic updates)

Run virus programs

Defrag. Start - all programs - accessories - system tools - disk defragmenter - highlight drive - defragment

If all else fails, fit new hard drive